Its a common circumstance: you wish to incorporate or change a DRAM component within pc.

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Its a common circumstance: you wish to incorporate or change a DRAM component within pc.

However curently have another module. Is it possible to blend and accommodate DRAM with some other years, speeds, latency, current, or manufacturers?

Within website, well check out what goes on in every one of these circumstances, together with guidelines to make sure that your computer memory space is the best match for the system.


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Before we jump into what the results are once you blend different sorts of memory space, lets have a look at precisely what differentiates one DRAM component from another.

Generation: This refers to the version of the DRAM processor chip. Each generation of DRAM presents a marked improvement in performance, latency, and current.

Rate: This describes how fast your pc can keep and access facts from your storage component. As a whole, faster DRAM is most effective.

Latency: Also known as timings, latency refers to the number of clock cycles to accomplish a read/write task for your systems CPU. The lower the latency of your DRAM module, the less time it can take to accomplish these work.

Voltage: This is the power consumed by DRAM component.

Brand: the producer and/or assembler of the memory, like essential.

Various Generations of DRAM

Lets state you may have earlier DDR3 RAM in your body. Are you able to download a DDR4 module alongside their DDR3 attain best overall performance?

No. Dont take action. Dont even decide to try. You can’t blend various generations of DRAM.

Indeed, your cant download yet another generation of DRAM in your system at all. The reason is that your motherboard should function one generation of memories. Indeed, each generation of DRAM enjoys another keeping pins so that you will cant accidentally install unsuitable module in some type of computer.

The decision? No. Never Ever. Impossible.

Increase, Latency, & Current

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What goes on once you download DRAM segments of different rates?

Even though you can officially blend rates, discover one important thing to remember: your DRAM would all operate on rate of slowest component. For instance, if you have got a DDR3 1333MHz system and download a moment component at 1600MHz, they will both manage during the 1333MHz increase.

The same thing happens with modules having different latencies. The computer is going to run in line with the component with all the slowest timings. Another thing to understand is what speed the motherboard are designed for. If the motherboard can simply manage a 1333MHz component, after that a 1600MHz module would run at 1333MHz.

Think about DRAM modules with different voltages? Your thought it: both modules would operate on greater current.

If you may have a 1.5v module in one slot and a dual voltage (1.35v/1.5v) design inside additional, the body will run at 1.5v. Any time you need your DRAM segments to operate at 1.35v, them would have to getting 1.35v as well as your motherboard will have to support sugar daddy for me PЕ™ihlГЎЕЎenГ­ the reduced current.

The verdict? Feasible, though you will lose the great benefits of more efficient module. If you possibly could afford to change most of the modules with faster, lower-latency modules, you’ll get top perks. If you should be attempting to save money, you’ll receive the best appreciate by purchasing one more module with the exact same speeds and latency.

If you’re practiced at overclocking, you’ll be able to change the BIOS and various other options to tweak the overall performance of mixed-speed modules. Nonetheless it can result in unpredictable effects.


We set up that you undoubtedly cant mix years of DRAM. Plus its perhaps not ideal to mix modules with various rates, latency, or current.

What about mixing brands of DRAM?

In theory, when the various other characteristics (generation, rate, latency, current) are the same, there ought to be no problems making use of DRAM from two different designs. While some elderly DDR3 methods require paired units of storage.

Another thing to keep in mind is that many memories brand names try not to manufacturing their own DRAM; they simply put together the segments. There are only a handful of real memory providers, which means you will ultimately getting choosing DRAM from those means.

Minor variants within the set-up procedure, not to mention the difference in generation among the manufacturers, might affect the results of the modules. While it is extremely unlikely, often there is the possibility of the segments not working collectively and evoking the Blue display screen of demise to suit your system.

The verdict? Continue at the own possibilities and consult the manufacturers records.

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